Peppy Pasta Salad

100 servings (1 cup)


1 cup provides:

  • 1 oz eq WGR grain, ¼ c dark green vegetables, ⅛ cup red/orange vegetables, and ⅛ cup additional vegetables.

PrimeroEdge Recipe Code: SR110011

Category: Mushrooms


Peppy Pasta Salad

6 lb + 4 oz  USDA WGR Rotini, Material #110504
14 lb  USDA Broccoli Florets, IQF, Material #110473
4 lb + 2 oz  USDA IQF Mushrooms, Diced, Frozen, Material #110421
8 lb + 12 oz  Fresh Diced Tomatoes, RTU
3 qt + ½ cup  Italian Salad Dressing
½ cup  Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
1 cup chopped  Fresh Basil
9 lb + 4 oz  Tap Water

Peppy Pasta Salad Directions

  1. One Day Prior to Service:Pre-prep: Clean and sanitize work station. Pull pasta from dry storage and cook according to your recipe, reduce cooking time by one minute for salads. Cool pasta immediately to stop cooking process.
    CCP: Wash hands for 20 seconds in a hand sink, dry properly, and put on gloves before beginning preparation.Repeat process as often as needed per HACCP guidelines.
  2. Prep: pull broccoli and mushrooms from freezer. Place broccoli in perforated steam pans.Cover with wrap. Cook: Steam broccoli for 12 minutes or until broccoli is bright green and still crisp. Pull from steamer and cool immediately in an ice bath to stop cooking.
    CCP: Heat until an internal temperature is reached of 140°F for 15 seconds.
  3. Prep: place mushrooms on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Cook: Roast mushrooms in a 400° F pre-heated convection oven for 15 minutes. Pull mushrooms out and toss to mix mushrooms. Place back into the over for an additional 15 minutes. Pull from oven and let rest at room temperature for 15 minutes. Drain well and add to pasta.
  4. Prep: Pull Italian salad dressing and crushed red pepper flakes. Whisk together.
    CCP: Wash hands for 20 seconds in a hand sink, dry properly, and put on gloves before beginning preparation. Repeat process as often as needed per HACCP guidelines.
  5. Prep: Pull fresh basil and tomatoes from cooler and place at work station. Wash hands thoroughly and put on gloves. Chop basil lightly by rolling leaves into "cigars" and then slicing to avoid bruising. Add diced tomatoes and basil to the pasta mix. Add cooled broccoli florets to the pasta mixture. Fold all together without mashing the pasta. Add seasoned salad dressing and fold into pasta mixture. Cover and date stamp and place in cooler.
    CCP: Prepare foods at room temperature in two hours or less.
    CCP: Never handle ready to eat foods with bare hands.
  6. Cool: Refrigerate overnight to allow flavors to mingle and merge.
    CCP: Hold below 41°.
  7. Serve: Serve one cup of pasta as a tasty part of your meal.
    CCP: Hold below 41°F.

Recipe notes

Source: Mushroom Council.