Garden Frittata

Makes: 4 servings

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Garden Frittata

4  Large eggs
¼ teaspoon  Ground black pepper
¼ teaspoon  Salt
2 medium unpeeled  Red potatoes
½ tablespoon  Olive oil
4 cups  Italian kale, or other kale variety
¼ cup  Chopped onion
½  Red bell pepper (chopped)

Garden Frittata Directions

  1. Beat eggs, pepper, and salt in large bowl, set aside.
  2. Microwave potatoes until slightly soft, but not completely cooked, then cube. (Alternate method without microwave: cube potatoes and boil 5 minutes until slightly soft, drain)
  3. Chop remaining vegetables while potatoes cool. Mix vegetables together.
  4. Heat oil in a 10-inch non -stick skillet. Sauté vegetables for 5-8 minutes; add to eggs and mix well.
  5. Pour egg-vegetable mixture into the same skillet. Cook over low to medium heat until eggs are almost set, about 8-10 minutes.
  6. Cover and let sit until eggs are completely set, about 5 minutes. Egg dishes should be cooked to 160ºF.

Recipe notes