Kale and Apple Salad

50 servings


½ cup provides:

  • ¼ cup dark green vegetable.

PrimeroEdge: SR109975


Fall Kale and Apple Salad

4 pound + 8¾ ounce  Kale Lacinato Org
13 ounce + 2½ gram   Apples Gala
5 ounce + 12¾ gram   Cranberries Dried
14 tbsp + 1⅔ tsp   Juice Lemon Fresh
11 tbsp   Honey
⅔ cup   Oil Olive Canola Blend
1 tbsp + 1⅛ tsp   Salt Kosher
1¾ tsp   Spice Pepper Blk
1 cup + 5¾ tbsp   Vinegar Apple Cider

Kale and Apple Salad Directions

  1. Destem, wash, and chop kale.
  2. Mix together honey, salt, pepper, juice, vinegar, and oil.
  3. Combine dressing with kale. Let sit overnight.
  4. Wash, core and dice apples. Add to marinated kale.


Source: The Lunch Box: Tools for School Food Change (Chef Ann Foundation).

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