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Imagination-Library-for-Erie-County Facebook Post

Facebook post by Imagination Library for Erie County featuring the October PA Harvest of the Month item apples.



PA’s Promise for Children website has created a webpage on their site ( which contains references to resources and a monthly focus into each of the "family newsletters" from the PA Harvest of the Month website.



Troy Area School District offered fresh PA Cabbage in a recipe for coleslaw with their Christmas Dinner. Here a student was willing to try it. She liked it! According to Bonnie Bixby, Food Service Director at Troy ASD, "We have some students that are interested in trying new things. The PA Harvest of the Month has been helpful with this."



Troy Area School District's students are taking part in the Pennsylvania Harvest of the Month program developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Project PA (Penn State University). September's Pennsylvania Harvest of the Month item is peppers. The staff prepare and serve them fresh to all students. A WR Croman Elementary School student featured in the photograph was willing to try the red bell peppers. Several of the students remarked that they thought the peppers would be hot because of the red color. The Cafeteria Manager and her staff helped explain that they were very sweet and not hot at all (Red bell peppers are actually among the sweetest of all bell peppers.). They encouraged all the students to try them.